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Still House: A Quietly Beautiful Respite in a Fast-Moving City

A boutique shop in New York is filled with beautiful, purposeful objects that help one to cultivate an intentional lifestyle.

In a bustling, ever-moving city like New York, finding or creating a place of calm and serenity is a priority, at least for shop owner Urte Tylaite of Still House. Nestled in a small but airy and light-filled space in the East Village, Still House is indeed that tranquil respite New Yorkers and out-of-towners crave when the metropolis gets too overwhelming. With her thoughtful sensibility and eye for local + international design, Urte has curated a shop that’s filled with more than just beautiful objects ? it’s filled with purposeful design that helps you cultivate an intentional lifestyle, one where each object not only fulfills a need but also elevates the act of fulfilling it. At Still House, Korean earthenwares, Japanese planters, Danish lighting, Brooklyn-crafted vases, and candles hand-poured in California are displayed next to one another without any interruption in aesthetics or break in form, as if they were always meant to be next to each other. It’s this level of curation and skill for perfectly styled still life vignette that sets Urte’s shop apart from other boutiques.
Photo by Sharon Radisch
In Still House’s new storefront (the shop recently moved earlier this year), Urte has expanded the store beyond just a shop. It now also exists as a platform for local artists and designers to showcase their la...
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