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Rook: A New Unisex Fragrance Line That Will Transport You to Another Place + Time

This perfume line is earthy, bold, and familial, with a modern brand design centered around an ancient symbol.

Scent is a really personal experience. It has the ability to evoke emotion or memories, transporting you to another place and time with just a whiff of the nose. That?s exactly why perfumer Nadeem Crowe started his line of unisex fragrances, Rook.

Two years ago, Nadeem began to explore perfumery and found himself at bespoke perfumer Philippe K in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he explored his skills in the olfactory craft. He returned home to England and this past March, he launched Rook with a trilogy of three unique scents: Forest (a woody fragrance with green notes), Undergrowth (a familial scent of fresh garden mint being pulled from the earth), and Rook (a dirty/clean scent he created for himself initially).
You may notice that many perfumes have similar opulent bottle design and packaging. Rook?s design was created by Warren Beeby, who shares:
“Developing the Rook brand and packaging was really an exercise in restraint. With Rook we were very clear from the start that the scent should be the hero and not an over elaborate packaging design. Many of the Artisanal and larger perfume brands have very elaborate bottles and packaging solutions that scream opulence. Somehow I can?t help feeling that is in part about justifying the price point or maybe simply what happens when the perfumer is left to indulge his or her own whimsy.?

Rook is built ar...
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