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Packin' Some Variety.

Wow, I am slim on the ol' Variety Pack posts.  Let's resolve that asap, yeah"  Yeah!  Lessss' go!

Ok!  First off, Mike has been making use of his office, doing stuff, spiffin? it up, making it his which is cool.  All these years, he's kinda ignored that room.

Clearly I'm rubbing off on him as one day out of the blue he said, "babe.  Let's take the door off.  It's irritating."  Wow!  Gladly!

Zip zip!  Off it came.  No more slamming door!

I don?t have uh photos for you as um, uh, that room is a uh, lil' less than tidy and I don't wanna embarrass my sweetheart.

I gotta find some better door storage though as they're piling up, haha, leaning in inopportune places in the basement.
Ugh the basement.  Heh, I just never seem to get to purging it.

I picked out a stain and got the front porch gussied up after leaving it undone too long!
...The new fixture's base plate needed some uh, adjustment (aka breaking off of orange plastic plug bits) in order for the plate to be useable (couldn't use anything but, unfortunately, and oh, oh I tried) so the fixture would sit nicely flush against the brick.

What a fight it was.

Eventually I got it.  Not without a sh*tload of swearing and sweating and aggravation though.

It is bright.  I feel like it's contributing to light pollution.  We're required to use that bulb with the camera* though, heh, in our efforts to nab freakin' package thieves. &nbs...



06-03-2017 19:11 - ( general decoration )

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Henning Larsen Wins Competition for a Mixed-Use Development in South Korea

Henning Larsen?s proposal for Seoul Valley was selected as the winner of the Central Seoul Development Competition. Seeking to become a new home for the public in the center of the city, the mixed-use development ?merges Seoul?s global commercial...
30-11-2020 20:01 - ( architecture )
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[+] Sims 3 Big Kitchen Design

Image Source: Sims 3 Big Kitchen Design Share.Image Source: Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) today appear The Sims 2 Double Deluxe and The Sims 2 Kitchen and Bath Autogenous Architecture Stuff, two cast new titles from The Sims flat...
27-02-2018 19:02 - ( interior decoration )
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Yangzhou Southern Sports Park / PT Architecture Design

BackgroumdToday China is facing both challenges and opportunities brought by rapid urbanization. After the great celebrations of constructing national symbolic sports buildings in 2008, the focus of China\'s sports facilities start to shift back...
16-04-2019 19:44 - ( architecture )
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La Dolce Vita: What?s In The Suitcase

La Dolce Vita and Rome, Not Much Longer, I am coming. The post La Dolce Vita: What’s In The Suitcase appeared first on Vicki Archer.
14-02-2017 19:14 - ( general decoration )
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Parkside Retirement Homes / Mindspace

Park side retirement homes are a part of Brigade Orchards an integrated township located at Devanhalli. Parkside houses 150 number of 1+2bhk units with all handicap friendly and wheelchair accessible spaces.
12-09-2018 19:37 - ( architecture )

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Passive House Pavilion of Longfor Sundar / SUP Atelier

This project is a exhibition pavilion supported by Longfor Real Estate and Orient Sundar windows company, within which the sustainable architecture strategies and the edge-cutting building techniques could be introduced to the public.
23-03-2018 19:34 - ( architecture )
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How to Install Ventilated Facades Using Wooden Panels

This vertical cladding for facades is a high-density laminated panel, composed of a core of paper fibers -compressed at high temperature and pressure- and an outer coating highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation. The wood used in...
27-01-2018 19:29 - ( architecture )
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Cool Product Alert: A Soap Dispenser That Discharges Soap In the Shape Of A Rose

This is one of those things that you need to watch, rather than read. Check out the GIF below to see this cool soap dispenser in action: You can get it on Amazon. Oh, and if you are on the look out for a cool dispenser do check out our post on the...
03-09-2017 19:04 - ( general decoration )
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Humboldt Forum / Franco Stella

The former Berlin Palace(Berliner Schloss), constructed since 1443 as the residence of the Brandenburg princes, was partially transformed at the beginning of the 18th century into the baroque palace of those same sovereigns, who in 1701 became kings...
20-01-2021 19:46 - ( architecture )
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Perfecting the Imperfect In Our IKEA Kitchen: Fillers, Panels + Toe Kicks

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself tripped up over the details (also known as losing All the Sleep). You fret over upcoming dinner plans, yourgrocery list or, in this case (and for us, most cases), your current project du...
18-07-2017 19:15 - ( general decoration )

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Undulating + Futuristic, Meet the Mawj 3D Printed Chair

"Mawj" is the Arabic word for wave, reflecting the concept behind Mawj, a custom 3D printed chair by MEAN.
20-01-2021 19:14 - ( general decoration )
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Jungle House by Studio Mk27

Embraced by a rain forest, this contemporary private residence designed by Studio Mk27 is situated in Guaruj, Brazil. Description by Studio Mk27 The project is located on the paulista shore in the region of the Rain Forest...
07-12-2016 19:27 - ( architecture )