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Looking to the Future With IDS20/20

IDS Toronto is going to bring a future-forward vision to its 20th edition of the show with the theme IDS20/20.

Next year, the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto is going to bring a future-forward vision to its 20th edition of the show with the theme IDS20/20, which will focus on changing the world through design. IDS Toronto will take place at Metro Toronto Convention Center from January 16-19, 2020. We?re excited to once again partner with this premiere show to celebrate and discover design in Canada and abroad with the Maker section and a new edition of the Milk Stand, the latter which we’re currently recruiting for!
IDS Toronto 2019
IDS Toronto 2019
IDS Toronto 2019
IDS Toronto 2019
The Maker section, curated by Design Milk and now in its fifth year, will showcase North American designers and small businesses who create their works in small batches with limited distribution. If you?re to discover unique makers creating beautiful designs that are hard to find, this section should be one of your stops at the show. IDS Toronto 2019
IDS Toronto 2019
The IDS Contract section is a new feature of the show that just launched this past year to include design in the workplace, healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, public spaces, government, and more. Since we love seeing how design is changing travel and the workplace, we?ll definitely be checking this out. Alongside this exposition is IDS Conference, an impressive series of 65+ sessions that include keynot...
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Huxley Residence by APG Homes

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Mountain / Zhaohong Zhang

The sculpture ?Mountain? by Zhangzhaohong is located in front of the main entrance of Yu\'an Tea Valley Park in Lu\'an, as the landmark piece for the Tea Valley Park.
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Red Planet / 100architects

The Red Planet is a public space intervention designed to foster interactions, attract customers and enhance the experience in the privately-owned public space within an open-air Retail Street. Life Hub @ Daning, a 250,000 sqm mixed-use development...
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MADE BY HOLLAND to Transform Dutch Royal Palace into Forum for Innovation

The team known as MADE BY HOLLAND has been selected to transform the palace and gardens of Soestdijk, a 17th century country estate and former residence of the Dutch royal family, into a forum for innovation and entrepreneurship, where large-scale...
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Villa Tonden by Hofman Dujardin Architects

This inspiring minimalist retreat located in the Netherlands, has been designed in 2019 by Hofman Dujardin Architects. Description Villa Tonden is composed of three archetypical house shaped volumes. They soften its presence...
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Bee Breeders Announces Winners of the Rome Collective Living Challenge

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50 Narrow Lot Houses That Transform A Skinny Exterior Into Something Special

A tall skinny house can become lost along the row, but that doesn?t seem to be an issue with these narrow facade house ideas. By implementing a selection of innovative planting ideas to create vertical gardens, some beautiful screening and modern...
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True Open Plan Apartment Under 50 Square Meters (500 Square Feet) With Floor Plan

In lack of an ocean view, designer Indot concentrated on the interior of his apartment – not to create a dazzling decor as such, but to make a space that was intricately tailored to how he used his place. Time would be spent on the sofa or...
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House 2 - Counter City / ALICE

HOUSE 2 - COUNTER CITY  is a 240 square metre public architectural installation situated next to the Toni-Areal in Zurich. The project is based on an experimental format for collaborative design and construction conceived by ALICE (Atelier de la...
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Product Of The Week: Octopus Bookends

Can it be any more random than octopus bookends" Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Interesting and Unusual Octopus Home Decor Finds 50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers
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Aluminum Group by MSDS Studio and Jamie Wolfond

A show that brought together 15 Canadian designers to create a collection of machined aluminum objects.
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