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Lessons of the Thermostat: The Nest Break Up.

That's it.  I've had it with the Nest.

I really wanted to like you, I really really did.  You made me so happy.  At first, sigh.This darn thing has given me so much aggravation....I shouldn't have to pay attention to a thermostat this much.  Ever.

Oy me.  What's it doing now", you may be lamenting.  Our furnace is all of a sudden cycling weirdly.  It'll run for about a minute, shut off, then power right back up for a few minutes, shut back down for a brief hot second (ha, hot, pun), then fire back up and run.  Randomly.

I went to Nest chat support, which granted takes much longer than talking on the phone but is a faster connection to a person, spent an hour I didn't have and left with no solutions other than delete your schedule.
They wouldn't provide an explanation as to why, just do it.  Personally, I require explanations so I can understand what's happening, the point and the reasons.  But whatever, I'm testing the delete the schedule thing for a day to humor the situation.

And as it turned out, after less an hour of doing so, deleting the schedule and manually setting the temp did nothing to fix the furnace cycling.  So on yet another Nest chat, they had me call for heat, remove the unit off the wall, and after waiting a minute or so...the base plate is bad they said.

All righty.  Sending a replacement.  Which is nice but.  How many problems can one thermostat have"

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