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Lessons of The Thermostat: Part Three

Honestly, I never anticipated I'd be writing another thermostat story but lo, look, here I am.

As you may recall, in part one I installed a new whatever thermostat, nothing fancy.  Then.  Then as you might recall in part two, I found myself with a free Nest.

Me escaping to home with my new free Nest.Free is never free, my friends.

This Nest* and I, we uh, yeah.  Let's just say I'm not feelin' it.  Especially as a work-at-home person.  They're designed for folks who spend the day away from the house.  I mean, I guess I shoulda known.  Logical.

That and it tends to randomly stop working.  And it appears I'm not the only one who's had that issue though any time I query the Nest people, they make me feel like I'm the nuts one, like they'd never heard of it before.  "!
So it's spring, right"  Spring in Chicago is whackadoodle-doo weather-wise.  Who am I kidding, Chicago weather is whackadoodle-doo all the time.

Surprise!, the leading edge of a spate of wow, super hot weather too early in the season, nineties in May, predicted for the next five to six days.  Which two days prior, I was running the heat.  Yeah, no, I'm not joking.

I come home from a dog park-related meeting and Mike is pouty, "blaaahhh it's hot in here," as I'm cozying up on the couch with a blanket.

"Want me to turn the house fan on, babe""


Pull up the Nest app on my phone, turn on ...
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