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It's a Variety Pack: Outdoor Version

And as a companion piece to the Variety Pack:  Indoor Version, here is the outdoor as promised!

One of multitudes of peonies this year....oh boy, was I a happy camper, myyyy goodness.So the grass.


We gotta take care of the "walk" this year.  (Babe"  Babe.  Sidewalk.  Let's chat.)  But uh, weeds.  Minimal grass.I worked so hard last fall.  So hard.  With the compost and the seed and the fertilizer and the research.  And the research.  And yet, it didn't seem to make a difference at all.  Like at all.

The back is super weedy.  Like it almost seems as if it's weedier than it was.  Which is totally and completely not fair.  After all the work I did.  The grass seed has definitely not overtaken and choked out the weeds.
The front looks the same as it always did, sparse and thin.  Sad.

I'm sad.

Sigh.  I'm not sure what to do.

Mike would broadcast an icky chemical laden weed killer over the backyard but I just can't.  That stuff is so terrible for the planet, for us, for Finn.  I guess we live with the weeds until a solution is found.


In more fun news, I stopped by to see Twitchy the Pallet Guy.  Well, not really, I stopped by his pallet place.  If you recall, I made those grill lid propper-upper-thingamajigs for Mike but they have since become over-charred.  Time to make new ones!

Missing his omnipresent can of Mo...


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