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How To DIY: Turn a Hardwire Light Fixture into a Plug-In

Let me just say, if I may, I am super excited.  Juiced, if you will.  Oh that's a stinky pun.

I love Wallace and Gromit.*But ok, before you lecture me on electricity and voiding UL whoo-ha and invalidating insurance if a house blows up due to some DIY you read on the internet or what a terrible dangerous awful terrible person I am, know that every precaution has been taken to ensure that these sconces are safe.

In fact, I went above and beyond.  Mmk"

And they're rarely on and when they are on, with their twenty five watt bulbs, we are present in the room at all times.

And ok too, here's more electrical spiel:  I am not an electrician.  I am not licensed, bonded, insured, nor trained to be one (thanks for the reminder, Mike).  The information provided below is for entertainment purposes only.  If you opt to try this, know up and down what you're doing first.  Don't take wiring advice from me.  I am not responsible for your actions.**
Whew, that's always a joy.

And!  Before you yell at me...we were out to dinner the other evening and professional electricians had rewired three vintage chandeliers from hardwire to plug in.  So there.  Pros do it.

I mean truly, it's just basic wiring.

So let's move onto the fun part.

Back in ye ol' theater days, this was a common occurrence.  You unearth a hardwire light fixture that's loved loved loved perfect, it fits the budget, blah blah blah exactly right but in...


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