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How Coffey Architects Designed the Stepwell Table with COMPAC?s Engineered Quartz

Two companies come together to design and fabricate a table out of engineered quartz to resemble India's geometrical Chand Baori well.

For Wallpaper* Handmade 2018 this past April, London-based Coffey Architects and Spanish surface manufacturer COMPAC partnered together to design and present the Stepwell Table, a coffee table inspired by India’s geometrical Chand Baori well. By using COMPAC’s highly advanced fabrication processes on their marble-like engineered quartz, they were able to achieve the intricate stepped look seen on the four sides of the table. The design and fabrication process was a joint effort between both companies and for this month’s Deconstruction, they’re taking us through the journey of how it all came together. Take a look. Texture and light diagram
The table is inspired by the Chand Baori – the 800 A.D. Indian stepwell dedicated to the goddess of joy and happiness. From the outside, the table appears like a monolithic slab of marble. On the inside, however, the beautifully detailed stair geometry gives the impression of intricately carved stone. To emulate the striking, translucent water at the base of the original well, experimentation was made with the translucency of the COMPAC quartz by adding light to the bottom of the table.
Carving diagram
The design of the table represents the origins of the stone material by creating something that looks like it is carved out of a solid piece.
Scale diagram
The Stepwel...
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