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Hedley & Bennett X Richer Poorer Toe the Line Between Design and Duty

Hedley & Bennett look to the colors of architect Luis Barragán and artist Frida Kahlo for their collaboration with Richer Poorer.

It seems everywhere you look ? television, magazines, food sites, and inside the world’s best restaurants ? if there’s a chef working, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a Hedley & Bennett apron, identifiable by their unmistakable red ampersand logo. The aprons have become synonymous with the rising generation of younger chefs around the globe, becoming nearly as ubiquitous as avocado toast on brunch menus. And now they’ve set sights on adorning the feet of chefs, bartenders, servers, and any hustling creative in similar colorful fashion.

Hedley & Bennett founder Ellen Bennett represents the inspirational epitome of the scrappy one-person operation hustling into a multimillion-dollar operation, earning the title of “Culinary World?s Apron Queen” for her unceasing drive and efforts combining serving the functional needs required of cooking professionals with her keen eye for fashionable expression. Looking at their vast catalog of patterns and fabrics, it’s then no surprise H&B would expand deeper into the territory of garments and accessories serving food professionals and creatives alike. This time it’s in partnership with fellow Californian clothing brand, Richer Poorer ? offering a quartet of colorful, modern socks emblazoned with entrepreneurial messages any up-an...
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