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Hall Bathroom. Revisted. Floor Time.

Where does the time go"  I swear....

It's the end of November (when I started this)"  (Now it's the end of January"!")  (Now it's February"!  What the....)  Sheesh, jeez louise.  You'd never know I keep trying to sit the heck down to write....Sigh.

So that tub surround tiling!  It's done.  Thank goodness.  Right"  Whew.  It's done.  It's not perfect but what can I say.  It's done.  Butt. Wiggle. Dance.

In its just finished state.  Woot!  So happy with the tile, such a huge difference.Not gonna lie, I'm now half tempted to take the tile to the ceiling to negate some of my not-perfectness but then I think about what I had to do to cut the tiles aaaand that thought gets scuttled.

So the floor.  The floor.  Can't leave the floor looking like poop with all these spiffy changes around it.

The plan was, heh, the plan for the floor was to use some of the tile I had purchased oh like eons ago.  Back in 2013 after we bought the house.  Yes, boxes of tile have been sitting around collecting dust allll this time.


The disaster area, aka "floor," before, as is from day of home purchase.  Oy.Way back when, I purchased four boxes of Imola Ceramica Antares Nickel and three boxes of Antares Copper from Floor & Decor.

Becaaauuuse, well, I had planned to use the copper for the first floor bathroom (the nick...
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