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Friday Five with Orlando Soria

Instagram favorite Orlando Soria goes deep to share why he loves his hometown and why a controversial shoe deserves some love.

Photo by Zeke Ruelas
If the name Orlando Soria doesn’t ring a bell or his face doesn’t look familiar, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock and if that’s the case, you should run immediately to his Instagram (it’s okay, I’ll wait for you to get back) to follow him and watch ALL of his IG Stories. Not only does the Yosemite-raised, Los Angeles-based Soria share really beautiful design and the process behind it, he also reveals a glimpse into his life and personality, which will make you long to have him as your best friend… Trust me. He offers you a look at the beautiful interiors he’s designed, like the bedroom of our founder Jaime, infinite design inspiration, and tangible ideas you can incorporate into your own home that you can actually do without it becoming a DI(wh)Y-did-I-do-that"!" If you need more than the snippets that land on his social media, he takes it further on his life & style blog, Hommemaker, and in the upcoming release (Tuesday, April 17th!) of his book, entitled Get It Together!: An Interior Designer’s Guide to Creating Your Best Life, which includes his design advice and DIY projects shared in his enviable witty tone. Curious to see what he picked for his Friday Five" Read on and you’ll find out which pick might possibly be controversial in...
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