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Durable, Hi-Def Speakers From Roamproof You Can Roam the Wild With

Roamproof launched two new, portable Bluetooth speakers that can be thrown or kicked around and still play your favorite music.

Roamproof is launching two new, portable Bluetooth speaker designs that are not only durable enough to roam in the wild with you, they supposedly can take a bullet. While we have no proof of the latter, it certainly makes the designs more intriguing so we’re taking a closer look. There’s the Gigaboom and Macro.II, both of which are said to be so non-destructible that they can be dropped from 100 feet and take up to 4,000 lbs. without being crushed ? plus, they’re water, mud, sand, and dust proof ? making them a logical choice for outdoor activities. They also come in aluminum carrying cases for added protection for storage or until you arrive at your location.
The Gigaboom, which comes in raw or gunmetal, is made with double-shot injected FULL TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) throughout, unlike most which are made using single shot molding processes. That results in increased durability, as well as shock absorption. For sound, it’s decked out with two 25W Ti amplifiers, two 2.75″ subwoofers, two 1″ tweeters, and two 3.6″ passive deep bass radiators.

It boasts 20 hours of playtime for audio use with an option of using it to charge any USB device. The speaker also incorporates a 3-in-1 signal light/torch as a handy safety precaution. At just 4.8 lbs., the Gigaboom features a handle for easy mobilit...
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