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De Vorm Felt Chairs Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles

Comfortable workspace chairs composed of felt made from recycled plastic bottles.

De Vorm is not only bringing sleek designs to the office, they’re bringing designs that are made from materials that are better for the environment. The Pod PET Felt Privacy Chair, designed by Benjamin Hubert, and the Nook PET Felt Lounge Chair, by Johan van Hengel, are comfortable workspace chairs made from PET Felt, a recyclable material made from plastic bottles. The material is strong and durable and as an added bonus, it helps dampen sound in busy office environments.

The Pod PET Felt Privacy Chair is perfect for offices when an employee needs a bit of privacy to work or take a call. The tall, wrapped sides envelop the user while helping to reduce sound when in a larger space. It’s outfitted with a back cushion and seat cushion for added comfort. Every aspect of the Pod is customizable, from the shell, cushions, and wooden frame, helping to complement any decor.
The Nook PET Felt Lounge Chair is more casual with a relaxed, semi-reclined back for comfort while waiting or working. Nook can also be totally customized, allowing the user/buyer to select the color of cushions, shell, and frame, so that it either blends into the space or stands out.

Source: design-milk