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Art Deco Meets Arabesque at Nordoy, Tel Aviv?s Oldest Hotel

In Tel Aviv's bustling Nachlat Binyamin district, home to a historic street market and arts fair, a regal dusky pink building rises above.

It’s hard to miss Hotel Nordoy: a regal establishment with a dusky pink art deco facade topped off with a stunning silver dome that?at sunset?turns aglow with the rays of the sun.
The hotel has become a landmark in Tel Aviv’s bustling district of Nachlat Binyamin. Built in 1925 by by Yehuda Megidovich, Tel Aviv’s first city engineer, it is the oldest active hotel in the city. The building had seen some years, so Ben Braverman, the man behind the quirky and colorful Hotel CUCU, took over this historic icon and initiated the restoration into a minimal, modern pad.

Nordoy straddles both East and West; old and modern world charms. The main stairwell and arched windows?features of the building’s original glory?were retained, as was the same shade of pink that Megidovich chose to glaze the exterior walls with close to 100 years ago.
The interiors also display the hotel’s age and careful balance of color. A cozy palette of brown, pink and sand reflect the desertous landscape in Israel, while the gold, marble and leather accents are subtle hints of luxury in a blossoming city.

In the morning, you can expect a warm made-to-order breakfast at the hotel’s ground floor cafe. The bar is adorned in a muted gold that harkens back to the colonial influences in the early 90s. The luminous floor-to-ceilin...
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