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White House by AD Architecture

Designed by AD Architecture, this modern apartment is located in Shantou, Guangdong, China.

We think we should enjoy this space and let it make us feel relaxed and happy.
This white house is located in a community that is far away from the downtown and rural area. Here we can see a large farmland and a branch of Han River outside the window. In terms of design, our philosophy is to create a minimalist white house with the simplicity and purity of black, white and gray, so that people can enjoy the air, the sun and the scenery, and embrace the nature in a place that is only 90 square meters. In general, the house takes a very low-key color scheme of black, white and gray to build textured spaces. The design focuses on ?white? in a restrained manner, which balances the strong contrast between black and white boundaries. The overall layout perfectly integrates the Eastern and Western design philosophies and interprets an extremely pure modern style. The public areas (dining room, living room and kitchen) are very coherent, giving the small apartment a sense of spaciousness. The lines in different places are in good proportion, simple yet elegant. The large windows frame the most beautiful scenery; the bright light passes through the soft curtains, bringing pleasure into life.
Owing to the reflection of natural light, the matt white paints and marbles divide the space into several layers, in addition to a carefully considered lighting layout, t...
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