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The Row Melrose by Montalba Architects

The Row’s first flagship store embodies the essence of California Modernism by blending interior and exterior spaces. The gallery-like interior is retail-focused with a residential-infused spirit and includes sitting areas with fireplaces, foyer, galleries, and several distinct courtyards.

Slipping through the double-height entry courtyard, customers are pulled through an over-scaled glass door featuring a custom bronze logo knob and into the foyer, which looks out onto the pool lounge. Natural light floods into the galleries flanking both sides of the pool through operable floor-to-ceiling structural glass doors and a new 25-foot-long skylight. Custom brushed stainless-steel garment rails line the edges of the space, complemented by custom steel-blade shelving for bags and shoes. Tung-oiled walnut display pieces inset with pigskin panels float in the hallways between the galleries and salon. The material palette reflects the brand’s curated aesthetic of polished minimalism and refined detailing, balancing natural textures– walnut, antiqued limestone– against matte white concrete, large expanses of minimally framed glass, and brushed metal finishes. A distinctive mid-century collection of furniture throughout, as well as lush native plantings, layer subtle color tones and warmth into the design.
Photography courtesy of Montalba Architects
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