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RA Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

RA Apartment is a beautiful home located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Maya Sheinberger.

The apartment is on the 5th floor in a quiet street in TLV city center, designed for a couple and their two young children.
The apartment’s layout is divided into two sections. The east wing is a large and spacious space with a living room, kitchen, and dining area facing a large balcony. The west wing includes the main bedroom, two children’s rooms, and a bathroom that overlooks a second balcony. The design style incorporated natural materials (wood, iron, stone) and soft colors for a clean but warm and inviting look. A mixture of classic and modern furniture combined with slightly industrial items. As you enter the living room, large floor-to-ceiling windows accompany the house’s entire facade, leading to a large balcony overlooking the city’s urban landscape. The whole space is paved with herringbone oak flooring in smokey tones. A minimalist and modular bookcase consists of hexagonal iron columns and iron shelves combined with blackened oak, and it provides space for a TV and display of books and ornaments. In the center of the living room is a stone-colored rug in black with a geometric pattern, and above it is A gray sofa, a wooden armchair, and a glass table with a black wooden leg.
The kitchen is located to the left of the entrance, A longer side with a tall cabinet painted in soft black with re...
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