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New House by Doblle Arquitetura

This minimalist refuge designed by Doblle Arquitetura will be situated in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The project was conceived as a study of different alternatives for a refuge residence that at the same time can be replicated in different situations, such as countryside, beach or even in the same urbanized centers. Hence the proposal to make a modular structure in which it is easy to assemble and standardized manufacture, seeking greater precision and generating less waste, this makes our proposal sustainable and less aggressive with the environment.
The aim of the project was to propose the primitive shape of the house: open to the landscape. The play of lights and shadows enriches the transformative perception of the house, as volumetry we have a subtle square box that does not interfere with nature and can also integrate with the different possibilities of location, it is supported by a light structure in CLT, with great openings of glass to the surroundings and with a closing of wooden panels that can be opened or closed depending on the privacy that the customer wants to obtain. The first volume (family audience) – the main volume from now on, constitutes an area 8 meters wide by 8 meters long, making a total of 64 square meters. Enabling activities that include, among others: cooking, working, eating or simply interacting with other people who inhabit the home. This space is characterized by being a simple volume, with integrated kitchen ...
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Complex Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa / yh2

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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Rigshospitalet Hospital North Wing / LINK arkitektur + 3XN

Rigshospitalet North Wing features more than 200 patient rooms, operating rooms, an intensive care unit, and outpatient clinics. The guiding principles of the design are patient well-being and healing, the needs of healthcare professionals, and the...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

House-K / N.A.O

We proposed a house that has a very large site area of about 1200 m2 and will serve as a new base for expanding the possibilities of the site, which has many possibilities in the future.
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

35th Street / TEGET

Located in Northern part of ?zmir,Ulukent 35th Street Project is formed by the topography of its context. The site is a steep slope which has 60 meters difference in height.
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

De Linde Medical Group Practice / collectief mars

By dismantling 2 single houses an elongated no-man?s-land dusted with decayed sheds is unlocked. A medical group practice fills in the liberated footprint while the masterplan forsees the development of a small apartment dwelling. ?Qualitative...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Luxury villa by Francesco Maria Palumbo

This luxurious single family residence located in northern Italy, has been completed in 2018 by Francesco Maria Palumbo. Photography courtesy of Francesco Maria Palumbo Visit Francesco Maria PalumboThe post Luxury villa by...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

De Scheepmaker Housing Complex / van Ommeren architecten

A customized (ware)house where everybody lives like nobody else. On the border of Haarlem\'s historic city center, a new warehouse has been built. 8-storey residential complex, De Scheepmaker, is a new addition to the Dutch skyline, but is so...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Amazing Designs of Small Log Houses

The construction of a small log house is not so huge as you might thought. Actually, when you have the right professionals beside you, anything is easy. The log house is what most of the people would like to have, isolated somewhere away, in the...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Twelve by Jaime Salvá

Located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, this contemporary two-story house has been designed in 2019 by Jaime Salvá. Photography by Visit Jaime Salvá
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Yas Ger, Movable Mongolian Yurt / Ger Atelier

Yas Ger is Mongolian, Yas is the meaning of skeleton, Ger is for yurts and home?which means a removable yurt (home). The project is located in a small courtyard of Young Creator Design Center, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, where small meetings, forums and...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Plainfaing Tourist Office (88) / Studiolada

A little 150sqm manifesto in favor of short routes and the simple pleasure of materials. The opportunity to embrace the variety and the nuances of the products available to us on a specific territory. The story of the Plainfaing tourist office is...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

Salim Habib Education Complex / Ali Arshad Associates

The project is envisioned as a modern educational facility and a college building that acts as a knowledge hub for the region and would inspire the youth to seek higher education. The site is nestled between lush mandarin orchards in the city of...
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Arch House, Portugal / Frari Arquitetura

EDC Recording Studio / Fairfax

EDC Studio is a recording Studio designed for electronic music artist Etienne de Crecy. DJ and music producer, Etienne de Crecy wishes were to entirely transform his current studio nested in an old building located in a Parisian faubourg. It?s a...
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