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House in Melbourne by Austin Maynard Architects

Renovated and extended by Austin Maynard Architects, this single family house is located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.

Description by Austin Maynard Architects
King Bill is a love letter to Fitzroy. King Bill is a collage of Fitzroy?s built history, its textures, its forms, its order and its chaos.
The high land values of Fitzroy would encourage many owners to add as much building as possible. Not so for the owners of King Bill. They sought to give something back to the suburb they love. They sought to create a new pocket park.
Located in the vibrant back streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne, King Bill is the renovation and extension of a double story terrace house and neighbouring garden. The house (one of 5 terraces built circa 1850) and its eastern garden were initially separate lots that were recently consolidated onto a single title. Recognising the importance and heritage significance of the area, as well as the rich eclectic nature of the location, the terrace facade remains untouched. A glazed corridor now runs along the eastern outer wall of the original terrace, linking the original house with the stable (garage and parents retreat) and the new pavilion, which houses kitchen, living and dining. WHO MADE WILLIAM KING"
A family of four asked Austin Maynard Architects to design them their ?forever house?. They asked for a renovation to their two story terrace home, incorporating the empty garden site to the east and re-using the...
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