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Grand Apartment by Yodezeen Architects

Grand Apartment is a luxury home located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Yodezeen Architects.

The overall concept of the space was developed taking into account the principles of combining elements and textures, which together would create an optical harmony and perfection. Stone, wood, and metal are connected, smoothly bending, or even look as if they are a single whole organism.
First of all, the designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. In addition to the basic materials in the implementation of the project that are already traditional for the studio, such as stone and veneer, they also used noble brass. As for the color palette of the apartments, it is made in calm nude tones. As conceived by the designers, the place should not be oversaturated with anything other than daylight, which fills the apartment through the panoramic windows on the fifth floor. The entire area of ??the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. In the first part, there is a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests. The master zone, in turn, is somewhat hidden from prying eyes behind a door that smoothly continues the surface of the wall. The door is so aesthetically inscribed in the ...
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