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Dômes Charlevoix by Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architectes

Dômes Charlevoix is a new concept of four seasons eco-luxurious accommodations located in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, next to the Massif de Charlevoix, near Quebec City, Canada.

Description by Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architectes
The three domes, the first phase of a larger tourist project, blend in harmoniously with the landscape. Each one is located on the mountain side and perfectly integrated to the landscape.
They can be accessed via a path through the trees from a common parking lot at the entrance. The dome is set on a wooden patio and houses a spa overlooking the natural setting. The south-facing windowed area offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and maximizes exposure to natural light. The radiant concrete floor adds a touch of comfort and helps maintain a more uniform temperature inside the domes.
The grey canvas and the fireplace create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A black streamlined service area is set in the centre: In the volume are concealed a kitchen, the main bed and a bathroom with Italian shower.
A boat staircase leads to a second bed above the service area.
A true invitation to experience luxury in the mountains, in harmony with nature and its elements.
Photography by Maxime Valsan
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