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Country Modern by Fletcher Development

Located in Redding, Connecticut, this modern farmhouse has been designed in 2019 by Fletcher Development.
Photography courtesy of Fletcher Development
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06-03-2017 19:11 - ( general decoration )

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Torekov House / Wåhlin Arkitekter

In 2016 we were approached by a couple who wanted to commission a new build on a block of land in Torekov in the south of Sweden. Torekov is a very popular and exclusive Summertown where Swedes, and also many tourists, travel to during the summer....
13-09-2018 19:28 - ( architecture )
Spielraeume Playrooms / studio3

Residence 913 / Charged Voids

The brief was to design a house for a father son duo, who had recently lost the lady of the house.
28-11-2017 19:26 - ( architecture )
Spielraeume Playrooms / studio3

51 Sleeper Chairs For Space-Saving Guest Bed Alternatives

Looking for a stylish way to accommodate overnight guests" The design world has a wealth of choices including pull out sofas, hideaway beds, trundles, and more. Sleeper chairs are another option ? a little more uncommon and a little harder to...
03-03-2020 19:05 - ( general decoration )
Spielraeume Playrooms / studio3

Runway Concept Store by OFF Arch

Fabio Ferrillo ? founder of Milan-based architecture studio OFF Arch ? takes on a new challenge and lands in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the realization of Runway concept store. The driving idea was to create a space where the colors and shapes of the...
12-04-2018 19:29 - ( general decoration )
Spielraeume Playrooms / studio3

Smart Zendo / Sim-Plex Design Studio

Interpretation Of Smart Living With The Spiritual Details of ZenUrbanites are busy in working and they always eager to have a decent and quiet living space as an escape. "Zen" is a spiritual state that pursues inner peace and harmony. It...
13-10-2019 19:40 - ( architecture )

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Kun Design Launches a New Outdoor Collection That?s Both Designed and Made in China

A collection of design-focused furniture and accessories for outdoors that could just as easily work indoors.
03-10-2018 19:04 - ( general decoration )
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50 Beautiful Globe Pendant Lights: From Metal To Glass To Paper

Nothing jazzes up a space quite like a globe pendant light. Whether hung over your dining table, illuminating your kitchen or creating harmony in your bedroom, globe pendants add elegance and style to areas we inhabit everyday. Our top fifty list of...
12-04-2018 19:13 - ( general decoration )
Spielraeume Playrooms / studio3

Roslagsgatan Apartment by Alexander White

This beautiful scandi apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, was designed by Alexander White. Photography by Henrik Nero Visit Alexander White
17-01-2017 19:27 - ( architecture )
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How to Get More Plants for Free (18 photos)

It?s amazing how quickly buying a few plants can add up to a fairly big monetary outlay. Fortunately, there are time- and gardener-honored ways of getting plants for little or no cost. You can get offsprings of your (or your friends?) plants for...
13-08-2020 19:06 - ( general decoration )