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A Villa on Cloud Nine by Nitzan Horowitz

A Villa on Cloud Nine is a luxury penthouse apartment located in Israel, designed for a family of 6 by Nitzan Horowitz.

This penthouse apartment, located on the 21st floor of an apartment block in central Israel was bought by a family of six. The owners wanted a ?Villa in the clouds?, in the sense that the property, spreading across 220 sqm of living space, and a 170 sqm balcony, would incorporate all the functionalities that standard private homes have, such as a family room, a wide corridor and a stunning outdoor space. Designer Nitzan Horowitz, who was hired to manage the renovation, designed the apartment in a way that would accommodate the family?s needs. The project started on the day the first set of keys was received and lasted seven months. The designer has known the owners for almost 30 years, and as a result, he was given complete design freedom. The owners were happy to ?go with the flow? and as Horowitz says, ?This is what made the project extremely fascinating. When there is a budget and complete design freedom, you can go totally wild. I created an apartment that is very casual, cozy and warm on the one hand, and luxurious on the other?.
The best materials and suppliers were chosen from an Italian designed kitchen through furniture that was ordered from France six months in advance, including the bedroom furniture. The attention to detail and materials was meticulous, and a variety of elements w...
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