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61st Street Townhouse by TRA Studio

This contemporary townhouse redesigned in 2017 by TRA Studio is located in New York City, United States.

Description by TRA Studio
What do you do when you are faced to reuse a small, mediocre, 100 years old structure, non-Landmarked, which has been altered and stripped of numerous details" do you preserve everything for the sake of it or do you change ?something? giving new significance to the building" This turn beginning of the century, four-story brick townhouse with an exceedingly rare two-story rear carriage house, is not landmarked; at first the townhouse seemed to be in a mediocre preserved condition, but a closer investigation revealed that both buildings had lost most of their original details, in fact, the carriage house façade was nothing more than a plywood painted mask that created three arched openings, clearly too small for any stable.The project offered the unique opportunity to rethink what had become two separate mixed use, heavily altered buildings, into a single, unique, private complexThe project makes the most of the unique conditions, enhancing all of the characteristics that make ?townhouse? living desirable, without the downsides inherent to the compact size, on the interior the final result is completely unexpected in a 20? wide structure, the spaces feel wider and luminous, comfortably equipped by amenities rarely found in townhouses, such as concealed storage and an elevator. The fully excavated cellar houses needed ...
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