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The Upgrade: Top 8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Design Tips

There is a lot that goes on in the bathroom. And I’m talking design wise. Just for the floor alone you have so many options. Then comes the walls, the vanity, and the shower area. So I’ve gone over the top bathroom remodeling ideas below to help you focus down on the most important areas to upgrade and remodel – sort of like a checklist. The only thing I haven’t talked about below is the toilet – that’s just a matter of choosing a new one if you need it.
1. Adjusting the Layout and Size
If you are planning a major remodeling of your bathroom, this would be the time to create the ideal layout. Not all bathrooms have been designed to make the most of the space. Some bathrooms have the toilet and the sink in awkward places. You want to try and create a open pathway into and through the bathroom just like in picture (1), without any obstacles. If you have extra space around the bathroom, this could mean you can expand the room. 2. Looking Like a Million Dollars
The whole vanity area can be upgraded during the renovations. You’ve got the option of a good looking high cost stone countertop or a more inexpensive tile one. When it comes to the sink – a pedestal sink will keep the bathroom feeling spacious, but they are more suited for traditional styled bathrooms and you will lose storage space underneath them. Built in cabinets with a sink is a modern way of going about it, and you get storage space. Go with floating cabinets, as t...
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