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Problem Solving

Hello everyone!
Have you ever found yourself constantly working around a problem in your home"  One that you wish didn't exist but you feel stuck with  for one reason or another" Well, that's how I felt with a few issues in my family room.  So, I've slowly been trying to solve them.
  My number one problem has always been my sofa.  It has a slipcover on it (which I like), but it gets messy very quick.  I've learned to live with that since most slipcovers (that aren't custom made) get that way.  But, what I COULD change were the pillows on the sofa that always seemed to be in piles all over the place!  They may have looked neat for the photos on my blog, but trust me, they never stayed that way!  So, when you combined that with the messy slipcover, it would always look disheveled. So, this is what I did. cost me nothing!  I've always loved the look of extra large pillows on sofas as opposed to a lot of little ones lined up.  So, I went upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my European square (26") pillows right off my bed.  And, placed them on my sofa just to see what they would look like.

And guess what"  I liked it!  

I like that they are big and feel more like a part of the sofa and they come up higher on the back of the sofa which makes the sofa look taller.  Since these are a substantial size, I no longer have to worry about a million pillows ending u...


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