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New Storage in the Kitchen

Hello everyone!
Well, if you're wondering if we were able to get the metal trim pieces painted from our shower enclosure, I'll tell you.  NO!  The weather has just been too cold and will continue to be for at least another week (according to the forecast).  What were we thinking trying to do this in January"""""  So, we will continue to use the hall bathroom shower and work on other parts of the bathroom until we get the right weather to finish the job.  
I bought the paint for the bathroom, so guess what we'll be doing today"  
In the meantime, I thought I would show you what happened to the bookcase that we used in our bathroom.  We moved it down into our kitchen.  I added some bins for storage and it's getting a lot of use already.
I had these canvas bags and thought they would make good bins on the bottom.  I stenciled numbers on the front for interest.

On top, I added some decorative items that add some warmth to the mostly white piece.

And on the side, I hung this tea towel with black graphics for interest.

There used to be a grey cabinet in place of  this.  It ended up going in my youngest son's room.  We plan on working on his room after we complete our bathroom.  I plan on repainting his room and some of his furniture as well as replacing his over head light.
So, once the weather warms up, let the spray painting begin!
Hope you all have a nice weekend planned.  ...


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