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Interpreting Classic Style in Home Decor

 The Paris library of Lee Radziwill has a very classic decor which makes it look regal and sophisticated. While I was driving around with my husband a couple of weeks ago admiring classic as well as modern architecture, while disliking others, made me wonder why some style or home decor become outdated so quickly"  Which brought me to the conclusion that our eyes love and accept what we recognize, understand and make us feel comfortable.  Whether modern or traditional design, as long as they enjoy classic elements, are more appealing and pleasing due to the fact that we can relate to them.  As much as it is important to be unique and different, it is equally important to not stand too far from the classic or traditional characteristics in order for our home not become antiquated and unappealing too quickly.  Elle Decor has a very interesting article about Classic elements every traditional home should have.  The article doesn't specify choice of color when it comes to a more classic decor, however the home chosen as an example is not in whites or neutral.  Interestingly though, lately I see a pattern where people exclusively attribute only neutral palettes to classic style.   I understand why some people may tend to associate only neutral colors with traditional design.  Neutrals are soothing and they always match but, ever since the Baroque times, classic style rooms have been painted in rich saturated ...
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