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How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: Creative Design Ideas and Tips

There are so many different things you can do to make a room look bigger. That is why this post is so long. How you hang your curtains, or the kind of ceiling lights you use can play a role in making your room feel more spacious. There is a range of different ideas here to help you transform your space ? from simple ideas to the more full on makeover project ideas.

The Right Color Choice

Color can play a big role in how a room looks and feels. Light colors make a space feel larger, spacious and bright. While dark colors will make a space feel cozy, secluded, and relaxing. So with a small space, you?ll want to use light colors. This applies to the paint on the walls, the furniture you choose, along with decor pieces such as curtains and area rugs. The Art of Blending: The more you can blend everything together in a room, the more seamless it will look. This means it will feel like a larger place. To blend a room you?ll want to try and have items with a similar color (just like the bedroom in picture (2)). Say you have white walls, then you?ll want white (or slightly off white) curtains. Then you?ll want to blend the color of the walls with the color of the furniture and the rest of the room.
In the bathroom, you can have the same colored tiles for the floors and walls ? creating a really seamless design for the space (6).
You can still add pops of color here and there. Plants are a good way of bringing in shades of green. While wooden pieces bring in warm brown tones.

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