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Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

It can be a bit of a shame if your bedroom doesn?t come with a closet to store away your cloths. But this just means you need to get a little creative when it comes to finding no closet solutions. You can even take it a step further and turn your open closet into a decor and design feature for the bedroom.
Spaces Around The Room
Here are a few ideas of how to create a closet style storage space around the bedroom:

Free Standing: The most common storage solution for a bedroom without a closet is to use a free standing hanging unit just like the ones in pictures (1) and (2).
Railings: Another common solution is to fit your walls with metal railings to hang clothes from (4) which will help save floor space.
From the Ceiling: If you can fit hooks to your ceiling then you could hang a railing, again saving floor space. Plus it ends up looking like a design piece (3) ? like something from a boutique shop. Ladders: Leaning a wooden ladder against a wall can be used to hang up a few clothing pieces and magazines (D) or even shoes just like in picture (C). You could also fit hooks to the side of the ladder for extra hanging space.
If you get two ladders that open out, these can be put opposite each other and planks of wood can be used as shelves. A wooden dowel can be fitted across the top to act as a hanger ? just like in picture (B).

Around the Bedroom
Take a look around your bedroom and see where you could add some extra storage space. Here are a few ideas: there are over ...
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