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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips To Do Now And Try Later

Image: Caesarstone US
Eco-design can be overwhelming at times?so many products to choose and decisions to make. But it?s important to remember that small steps can be taken today while you plan for bigger investments tomorrow. Here are some design tips that you can implement right now, or plan for later.
Do Now: Buy a Stylish Recycling Bin
Image: Houzz
If you don?t have a recycling bin, run, don?t walk, to your nearest home goods retailer. It?s an absolute must for every kitchen and may be one of the easiest green design choices. Try a decorative option like this wicker hamper in lieu of a traditional plastic bin. You may be likely to use it even more!
Do Now: Replace Every Bulb with CFLs or LEDs
Image: Houzz
Low-energy lighting solutions not only help the environment, but save you money as well. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are by far the most popular choice and are extraordinarily easy to find. Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are even more eco-friendly and now manufactured to fit standard fixtures. So, make a pledge to replace every kitchen light with its high-efficiency counterpart. Try Later: Use Eco-Friendly Countertops
Image: Caesarstone US
For your next remodel, consider green materials for kitchen countertops. Options are so plentiful that you may stumble across one without even knowing it. For example, Caesarstone Chocolate Truffle is made from recycled content. Long-lasting and eco-friendly, these countertops are worth the investment.
Try Later: Tile the Backs...