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Decor and Design: White Home Office Ideas

To really create a white home office, you are going to need to take out any colored items that are in the room. This doesn?t mean you can?t have some colorful pieces. But they need to be hand selected to go inline with your color palette.
Adding 1 or 2 colors into your overall color scheme is alright. Any more and you start taking away from the overall white color scheme. Here is a list of white home office ideas to help you transform your space.
Adding Pops of Color

Use a colorful top for your desk
A colorful chair cushion can add a pop of color to the space
So can colorful stationary storage containers
Use a colorful large frame to hang up a piece of black and white artwork or photograph
Or use a neutral colored frame (white, black, silver) and hang up a colorful piece of artwork Add some warmth to your home office space by using wooden pieces. Check out the home office in picture (1) to see what I mean
Use a colorful area rug
Spray paint a cork bulletin board white/pink/blue/gold
Having plants in your home office will add some shades of green (5)

Adding Textures and Layers
To create a luxury home office style, try and stick to the overall white color scheme when adding pieces to the space. But look for white pieces that have a subtle texture or pattern.

One good example is to use a marble top for your desk ? just like the marble desk in picture (6)
For the walls you can use wainscoting (The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs) or add decorative crown mold...
Source: hometreeatlas