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Camellas-Lloret: French Elegance

"We feel like where you live is where you should get your things?they should be authentic," Moore says of how they thrifted accents for the home from the area.

The above pictures are all from a May feature in Architectural digest and I don't know about you but after seeng these stunning Images of the stunning French house, was left wanting to learn a little more abut this calm, rustic home. A little google search quickly satisfied my thirst for more.

The beautiful home 18th Century home is situated in the centre of Montréal, a picturesque village in the Languedoc region of France and has been lovingly restored by its current owners Annie and Colin Moore
"tucked away on a medieval hilltop village in the languedoc, camellas-lloret Is a love project by annie and colin moore, who met on a train leaving paris in 1982.  together they dreamed of creating a place to celebrate and share the pleasures of french life with friends and travellers.  thirty years, three kids, and many adventures later they fell for this classic 18th-century house in an unspoiled corner of the south of france and camellas-lloret was born."

So the good news about this stunning home is that it also serves as a Bed and Breakfast. Below are some more photos from Camellas-Lloret's webpage

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