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Who Do You Call For Kitchen Design

Dear friend,
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I?m beholden that you trusted me with your secret.Sitting beyond from me at the kitchen table this afternoon, you caked out your heart. Back you affiliated your aerial academy sweetheart at 19, you never already doubtable you would be in this place. Now, at 39, afterwards twenty years of marriage, you alarm yourself gay.In tears, you acquaint me that you accept ?come out,? and that you?re not attractive back. You haven?t had an affair. Yet. But there is this woman you met at the gym. You assignment out with her every morning, and you argument with her throughout the day.Even admitting you are a agreement affiliate of a affectionate church, sit beneath solid preaching, and put up a acceptable advanced for the children, you accept been inwardly aloof your bedmate for some time now. Hearing him apprehend the Bible makes you cringe. You haven?t been affectionate with him for over a year now. You acquaint me you can?t buck it.You acquaint me that abrogation your bedmate for a woman is not an act of unfaithfulness. You acquaint me that you are actuality affectionate to who you absolutely are, and who you accept consistently absolutely been. At my kitchen table, you accessible up a book from a ?gay Christian? and apprehend this aloud: ?The basis of my same-sex allure is a 18-carat good: it is my anxious for abysmal friendship.? You acquaint me, ?I am a gay Christian, and I accept aloof apparent ...
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Squarespace Offices / A+I

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Svalbard "Doomsday" Seed Vault Floods After Record Winter Temperatures

Earlier this year, the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard was flooded after record high temperatures over the winter caused some of the permafrost surrounding the vault to melt, reports The Guardian. The building\'s entrance tunnel was flooded and then...
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Share Your Style Party #86

Welcome to Share Your Style! I\'m Julie from Little Farmstead, and I\'m your host this week. Whether you\'re here to browse the party for inspiration, or whether you\'ll be linking up your recent projects with us, we\'re so happy to...
06-10-2016 19:07 - ( interior decoration )

House GZ2 / Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto

The GZ2 is a 36 square meter house located over a small cliff of a peninsula in the Lonconao lake, approximately fifteen kilometers from Futaleufú in the Los Lagos Región. The design operation is simple. It consists of an open floor of...
22-09-2018 19:37 - ( architecture )

Hello Wood's POP-UP Park Adds a Splash of Color to an Underused Square in Budapest

Hello Wood has revived its highly-successful POP-UP Park, bringing a touch of vibrancy to an underused square in downtown Budapest. Having built the structures in the summer of 2017, the park has returned one year later to provide ?a democratic...
29-08-2018 19:34 - ( architecture )

Edwin Residence / Heusch Inc

The residence is located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a promontory elevated above legendary Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. It was originally built in 1961 and the renovation and addition were to reflect the mid-century style architecture of that...
03-08-2018 19:42 - ( architecture )


This Once-Abandoned Chinese Cloth Factory Was Refurbished Into a Thriving Cultural Center by O-Office

The iD Town in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is a project with many charms. The building itself has a distinctive history: in its prime, it used to be the Honghua Dyeing factory, but then was abandoned. Topographically, too, this building occupies a...
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10 Monumental Stone Moments Inside and Out

With Earth Day coming up on Saturday, I thought it would be interesting to expand the green/brown and flora/fauna themes and take a peek at what lies deep under the earth?s surface. When I moved from NYC back to my hometown in the eastern panhandle...
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Autumn: a season of comfort and relaxation

Sources: lamp and hourglass vase from +Pottery Barn, mirror, tall glass and pumpkin from +HomeGoods, foyer table from +Cost Plus World Market.  I\'ve been dreaming of Fall decor since April (and I\'m not kidding). This fact about me might...
31-08-2015 19:22 - ( general decoration )

Glass and Stone Oasis by Merle

Located in Cle Elum, Washington, this beautiful retreat was designed by Merle. Photography by Kevin Scott Visit Merle
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Stepping Up Studio Apartments

Studio apartments haven?t always had the best rep; it?s not entirely desirable to have your bed right next to your living room sofa, or your kitchen right there in the bedroom. But wait, these four gorgeous studio apartment designs are all set to...
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Yunmen Mountain All-Seasons Ski Resort / ATAH + MADA s.p.a.m.

After Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the National Sports Bureau gave great support to the folk promotion of the ice and snow sports, and the people also showed great enthusiasm. In this context, two new all-seasons dry snow...
02-08-2018 19:41 - ( architecture )

Lake Shore Artist Studio / Praxis d?Architecture

The site for this artist studio is on lake shore where the shore starts to turn from west to south. The topography change brought a site condition in which the west and south periphery is 4-6 meter high retaining walls, leaving east open to lake...
19-07-2017 19:31 - ( architecture )