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Velvet: Wearing The Pants

Have you thought any more about velvet"
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Have you thought any more about velvet"
I have a major obsession these last few months and seem to find anything velvet irresistible. Finally, I found the green velvet sofas for home and they are fabulous. I am very happy with them. A gorgeous deep emerald shade that works beautifully with cream and that soft blush pink I am so fond of.

My latest velvet crush is pants; dare I mention it the “jogging” kind. Never to go jogging in but the style of trousers that taper in at the ankles and you wear with your trainers. They are tracksuit pants really, only in velvet.

I love mine in black with a fine sweater or tee and a loose blazer – they are perfect for travelling – comfortable and plenty of room to move. They look great too, very flattering for some reason; it must be the way the ankles work.
Maybe it is me but I only wear mine with trainers – flats, heels or booties don’t really work. I like to keep the velvet pants casual and relaxed, in this style anyway.

These style of velvet pants are a great addition to our weekend wardrobes and make a change from our jeans or the classic style of pants I am always in. They also look super cute with an over-sized woolly sweater if it is cold enough where you live.

Think cream cable knit style and black velvet with a pair of favourite sneakers; a win/win outfit for the w...
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