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This Former Lexus Engineer Designed a Highly Customizable Furniture System

A highly customizable and reconfigurable furniture system comprised of interchangeable parts inviting users to mix and match new designs.

Whether due to the instability of fledgling careers, or the unexpected shuffle of salad day relationships, it’s not uncommon for young renters to call numerous addresses “home” in just the span of a few years. Designer Sejun Park cites his own personal struggles as a young urban denizen tasked with furnishing various sized and challenging interiors as the impetus for developing Aalo, an online modular furnishing system that elevates the act of DIY with its stylish simplicity and adaptability.

“As a city dweller I was moving between places quite often, which meant my space arrangements were frequently changing. Each time I struggled to find furniture items that would fit my new space perfectly, and there were no good options, “says Park, “Customized furniture were simply out of my budget, and trying to create a DIY solution required time, money, and special tools. I began experimenting with various materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly mechanisms to come up with an easier and more versatile furniture solution. And that’s how Aalo got started.”
Aalo operates more or less like the popular DIY solutions that use iron/PVC pipe fittings to piece together furniture. But instead of cheap plastic or heavy pipes, Aalo’s parts library is comprised of lightweight, yet strong ...
Source: design-milk