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The Tailored And The Pretty

Tailored + Pretty is one I Wear.
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Tailored + Pretty is one I Wear.
Yesterday at VAHQ we were discussing this season’s fashion offerings. I can’t quite decide if it is my state of mind or it is what’s out there but I have been struggling with ideas I wish to emulate and pieces I want to buy. Forever I can find coats, sweaters and pants – the essentials we need to permanently upgrade or replace – but something new to get me excited and desperate to get out and about – not so easy.

I want an outfit that is easy and comfortable but that has flair.

Then I remembered the masculine meets feminine style of dressing and thought, that’s it. I’m going to mix the pinstripes with the lace and the hounds tooth with the tulle. A masculine blazer with a softer lace or embroidered skirt is where I am headed. This combination I would wear with flats for casual – or booties – and a heel for best. A longer line jacket trims the fabric from around the hips and makes a skirt of this kind, a wonderful option. Pencil skirts work too, especially in lace; contrasts are key with this way of dressing.
It is the same principle of wearing tailored trousers with a ruffle/ fuller style blouse and lace-up shoes or loafers. One is the perfect foil for the other. Then there are always the sneakers to add if that is your go-to.  The pleated skirt would a...
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