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The Grey Diaries: Grow As You Go

Go grey and go long"
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Go grey and go long"
It is a daunting combination for many women and I was no exception.

I remember very clearly the decision to leave my hair be and see what eventuated without regular highlights but I don’t actually recall deciding to grow my hair past my shoulders. A continual struggle with highlights – either too Goldilocks gold or orang-utan orange – where the colour either wouldn’t take or it took too intensely made the decision for me. The longer I left it, the more I let it be and it wasn’t without doubt or challenge. Going grey is a tough thing to do, not in the scheme of real life but as a woman looking in the mirror at a significant change and facing the future head-on.  It has its tough moments.
The longer length happened in time.
Growing in the grey meant many haircuts and a shoulder or above the shoulder cut. My hair still didn’t look properly silver, like it does now. Today there is no turning back or if there is it means a serious investment and back peddle. During the “growing out phase” I observed women wearing their grey hair longer and came to the conclusion length could work. I liked the contrast of grey, seen for a particular age and stage, worn in a way traditionally reserved for a much younger woman.

If you told me ten years ago I would have hair past my shoulders and without c...
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