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The Bikini: Do You Or Don?t You"

Do you wear a bikini"
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Do you wear a bikini"
This was a subject of interest this week as I joined friends for a sunny break in Italy. Some did and some didn’t wear a bikini.

I don’t because I am forever waiting; I think I have been waiting for 20 years. It suddenly occurred to me, after chatting with my friends, what am I actually waiting for" There is no better time than today. Do I really believe the two-piece will look better next year, rather than this year" If I want to wear one, and I do – especially the vintage high-waisted style- then now is as good as later.

Working on and waiting for perfection is a mug’s game. We are too hard on ourselves or at least I am. We will never be perfect and nor will we ever look as we want, especially in a swimsuit. I’m not discussing the “should she wear a bikini” subject – this is all too subjective – rather I am thinking about wearing what we want if it is what we want. There is a difference. 

My friends wore bikinis and looked fabulous, not because of their shapes and sizes but because of their confidence. Truthfully I didn’t notice; my only thought, they looked wonderful. Their confidence, their joy in the sea and sunshine made what style of swimsuit they had on an irrelevance. This is how it should be. I became aware too much time is lost debating what w...
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