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The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #19

Generosity is one of the most powerful beauty secrets.
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Generosity is one of the most powerful beauty secrets.
Generous is not confined to the obvious; it is about so much more.
A generous mind, a generous heart and a generous nature set us up for life. Life can exist without generosity but it is a far different one from the world I am thinking of. To be generous requires thought, dedication, observation and caring.

Generosity begins with us; it must start there.
Most of us are not particularly generous when it comes to us. How often do we criticize ourselves, feeling despondent with our achievements or get lost down the rabbit hole of, “not good enough”. I know I am guilty of this. I am not suggesting we don’t deserve some criticism from time to time but I believe we confuse criticism for what is natural.
Generosity towards ourselves allows us to be more generous to others and have a greater understanding. What goes around comes around, or so the saying goes and this is never truer than in the case of generosity.

Generosity, forgiveness and understanding go hand in hand – they thrive with each other. Generosity works. It’s a very simple equation where more equals more time and again. Don’t we gravitate towards people who have a “generous spirit” and want to be around those who give of themselves"

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