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Spring, Spring, Springing Into Pink

How to add a pop of spring to the makeup bag.
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Spring has always been my favourite season.
Perhaps being a spring baby has something to do with it, but the blooming flowers, fresh air and increasing temperatures are just a few of the reasons why I adore this time of year.

The roses are earlier and brighter than ever, the magnolias an even deeper shade of cerise, and the cherry blossoms sweeter than I could remember. These subtle or vivid shades of pinks are a source of endless inspiration and a reminder of the happiness they bring to me.

It would seem pink has this effect on many of us and luckily is also an ongoing trend.

As women, research has shown we are drawn to this colour more than others. It echoes softness, calm and comfort, relaxing and exciting us in equal measure.
How to Wear It

When adding it to everyday looks, makeup is an easy starting point.

Swapping out the wintery reds for a hotter pink or blush tone is a simple way of switching up the routine for a new transition.

Lipstick adds a pop of colour to brighten and make us shine, boosting confidence and transforming a minimal outfit.

Nail polish is another way of adding tone to our looks without too much of an investment.

Blush will give the appearance of rosy cheeks, having us bloom as brightly as our floral neighbours. Try a cream blusher for a dewy complexion.

And eyeshadows are another wearable way of bringing ...
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