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Planning Not Packing For Paris

We are planning for Paris.
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We are planning for Paris.
The VA girls and I are going to work in Paris this week and I thought you might like a peek into our sketchbook. Yes, it’s ambitious. We will be running from early morning until late at night to take all the photographs our hearts will desire. Paris does that to you.
We have been brainstorming for content and visual ideas. I like to come up with new and fun ways we present what’s happening out in the beauty and fashion world. I also want to show you as much of our Paris as I can.
There is a whole heap of beauty to discuss and we are going to try our hand at styling some products and see if we can create something as pretty as these pics. I am excited to be back arranging and re-arranging and I hope I can come up with some inspirational pretties. There might be a sunglasses moment coming up too. Isn’t it funny how the small things can give so much pleasure" Please have a look at Le Specs – they are amazing.
We have a list as long as our arms about what to pack.
Will I stick to my “3 shoe rule“" The photographs will tell. I am going to try.  As I only want to carry the “carry on” it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze. Mmmm, maybe not the carry on" Then we want to load up our phones with some Parisian beauty – the more pics, the merrier.


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