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Pantheone Audio Aspires to Make Audio a Statement of Art

Australian design firm Pantheone Audio launches a sculptural state-of-the-art sound system intended to sit front and center.

Pantheone Audio’s initiatory offering within the wireless audio speaker category arrives with classical aesthetic aspirations, an eye-catching Australian effort that has already won itself a 2020 Red Dot design award for its interior decor expression of technology.

Unlike other smaller and less conspicuous wireless speakers, the Pantheone I’s immersive 360-degree audio performance demands attention, front and center. The design is somewhat reminiscent of another luxe standalone audio speaker, the Devialet Gold Phantom. But while Devialet’s sleek ultramodern speaker sits horizontally at an angle, the Panetheone I’s open hole, fully upright design offers more classical proportions, more sculptural than blatantly technological – one openly inspired by the Parthenon’s oculus. That open air design is attributed to enhance acoustics, with the additional benefit of serving up a sculptural presence.
?Instead of looking like a traditional sound system or speaker that clashes with other home décor, Pantheone I combines art with music by boasting minimalist, sleek design that can fit into any space while still providing quality sound,? says Oren Adani, the founder and CEO, who diverged from studying architecture before founding Pantheone Audio.
The luxe classicist architectural approach is no surprise considering t...
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