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Let's do this again!!! #girlpower

 Several years ago I came upon a Instagram post that had a profound impact on me. 
I was made aware of the Kenya Drylands Education Fund (formerly The KERA Project) that was co-founded by Sarah Hadden, in Vermont, to help girls that live in extreme poverty in northern Kenya who do not have access to the most basic of sanitary products. 
KDEF provides menstrual hygiene kits to girls which contain 4 reusable menstruation pads, underwear (since many of the girls do not own underwear) and detergent - a kit will last each girl a year or more.  

Many girls are deprived of an education because of the lack of this basic necessity since going to school without any form of menstruation protection subjects them to the shame of staining their clothes.  Very often menstruation caused girls to miss school, drop out altogether and then to be married off at a young age. Being one of millions who enjoy the the bountiful excesses of a lovely life in a free country, until I read about this fund it never even dawned on me that this is a need for these girls.  For a mere $25 your kindness will be giving the gift of personal hygiene to an impoverished girl for one year. 
Please... stop, think and take in the entirety of this situation for one single moment.  
can. you. even. imagine""""""""""""""...
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