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La Dolce Vita: What?s In The Suitcase

La Dolce Vita and Rome, Not Much Longer, I am coming.
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La Dolce Vita and Rome, Not Much Longer, I am coming.
This spring I am planning a long weekend in Rome.
I have missed Italy and in particular Rome. It is time to be enchanted with the Italians lust for life and to luxuriate in the architectural beauty of the Eternal City.

Rome is one of those destinations, like Paris, where there can never be too many visits and where each visit feels like the first.
In preparation I am working my way through my Roman movie list and letting my imagination take hold.

La Dolce Vita, the sets and the costumes, will be my inspiration for what to pack in the suitcase. I have no idea where to stay as yet (all ideas most welcome) but I know exactly what I want to see and do. Like many travellers I have my re-visits, my must-do’s and I have my new adventures to create. I like to plan a mix of both; the familiar and the unknown.
Isn’t that what travel is all about"
The art of mixing adventure, excitement with comfort and familiarity. The feeling of “coming home” when you are so far away from home is the perfect destination; making new ports of call our homes away from home.


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