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I Still Love The Jeans And Blazer

Jeans, blazer and a classic shirt plus shoes of choice; it's a good look.
We can change the shape and fabric of the jacket, the length and cut of the jeans but I don't think this style trifecta ever gets tired.
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Jeans, blazer and a classic shirt plus shoes of choice; it’s a good look.
We can change the shape and fabric of the jacket, the length and cut of the jeans but I don’t think this style trifecta ever gets tired.

In Paris – and my first wander around the 1st yesterday- I couldn’t help but notice women of all ages wearing this combination in one way or the other. Fresh eyes are a boost for inspiration when it comes to fashion. Parisian fashion while classic is also braver for women. It feels as if fashion is about personality and style, not age. It was a quick tour but impactful. And yes, those lace-up boots are right on target.
The beauty of jeans with the blazer style jacket is the informality it offers; still tailored but with less structure than a suit. With lace-up boots or sneakers, it is very relaxed but with a pair of simple heels, it can take us to another level of dressing. Swapping weights and colours for seasonal dressing makes this look a no-brainer all year round.  As travelling companions, these three pieces are super versatile.

And if you really want to gear the jeans and jacket up a notch, wear this. So, so fabulous underneath a tail...
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