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How You Can Help Volcano Victims (6 photos)

Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala have destroyed homes and displaced thousands of residents. About 600 homes have been destroyed by lava flows from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii?s Big Island. Flows of lava and ash from an eruption of Guatemala?s Fuego volcano have killed more than 100 people, and...
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Parametric Design that Will Blow Your Mind

26-10-2017 19:29 - ( architecture )

Siete Vueltas Rural Educational Institution / Plan:b arquitectos

In an arid landscape and an almost flat land of the municipality of San Juan de Urabá, this school was built replacing previous buildings in very poor condition. Around a wide area of games and the soccer field, modular buildings form a...
05-03-2019 19:32 - ( architecture )