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Grey Hair: Plain Straight V With A Twist

I'm having a hair debate.
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I’m having a hair debate.
With myself.

Not over the stay grey or leave grey situation but whether to wear the tresses dead straight which has been my habit or whether to kink a few waves on the ends. I have always been a straight-haired girl, most likely because I was born with blonde curls and like all women; we want what we don’t have.

My “hair life” has been spent torturing my locks with anything and everything to create a sleek, perfectly straight look. My mind remembers not only to the obvious straighteners but all the weird contortions I tried myself. One I still use to this day – cut up old stockings/pantyhose into thick bands to bind the hair with these. Instant sleek guaranteed. I can still visualise myself as a teenager running around the house looking like a show pony; a bound ponytail sticking out for everyone to see. Like all 15 year olds, I knew best. Hindsight only shows me what a silly person I was.
Then there was the “having my hair painted with beer and wrapped around my head stage”. The hair was secured after it was neatly plastered clockwise around my head, a scarf put over the lot and then a long sit under an overhead hairdryer. What was I thinking"
What was I thinking" Imagine a certain type of male with who covers his head with his few remaining locks to conceal baldness; I looked...
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