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Fashion Enthusiasts vs Capsule Wardrobes

Can fashion lovers be minimalists"
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Can fashion lovers be minimalists"
After our detox conversation, it had me thinking how much clearing out our wardrobes relates to our personalities and whether our “detox” can be attributed to our fashion style. Simply because we are able to throw away with abandon, does that mean we are “capsule wardrobe” people" If our closets are loaded up with barely a millimetre of space is that the equivalent of being an over-enthusiastic fashionista" 

Mary, our gorgeous new creative writer, asks the question. I will chime in through the comments – my brain is in a hazy fog of jet lag as I wing my way through Asia to Sydney for a few days. 
I like Mary’s way of thinking; she has found a way for us to have it all. xv

Over to you Mary,

Having a capsule wardrobe came to the front of mind a few months ago when I was struggling to find a dress I needed for a special occasion. It was lost in a sea of everything but. Should I re-think"

I searched ‘capsule wardrobes’ on Google and to my horror there they were; the 25 piece capsule wardrobes of many minimalists.

Their capsule wardrobes seemed so condensed, so perfect and utilitarian.
I questioned the amount of washing that needed to be done to maintain such a small wardrobe and compared the idea of a capsule wardrobe to someone wh...
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